Blackberry vs iphone sales 2012

Microsoft C.

Poor BlackBerry: Android hits 60 percent market share while BB falls to 6 percent

Steve Ballmer actually laughed at the iPhone. Nokia and Microsoft, which are now building smartphones in partnership with each other, have, like BlackBerry, seen their share of the market shrink.

BlackBerry Classic Vs iPhone 6 Full Hands-On Comparison

Soon, they wanted to use iPhones at work. Simultaneously, companies realized that workers would be happier and more productive buying the device of their choice, and the firms themselves, spared the expense of providing their employees with phones, would save money. By the time BlackBerry realized it needed to reach consumers directly, it was too late.

BlackBerry's smartphone market share declined more than 33% in 2012: Gartner

In November, , the company released its first touchscreen phone, the Storm, to middling reviews. BlackBerry then turned its focus to Asia and Latin America, where the smartphone market continued to explode. For several months, the strategy worked. In Indonesia, where the company made a special push , its products held forty-seven per cent of the market by the first half of , up from only nine per cent in the first half of , according to the research firm Canalys.

But the plateau was short-lived: soon, a new crop of Asian companies started to build cheaper smartphones.

Around the time that BlackBerry deepened its efforts in emerging markets, it also bought QNX Software Systems, whose operating systems powered technology ranging from medical devices to computerized automobile interfaces. BlackBerry hoped to augment its own operating-system expertise—but in April of , when the company introduced a tablet powered by a QNX-based operating system, the PlayBook, it flopped. The company said its sales until then will likely take a hit.

Blackberry/RIM's revenue from 2004 to 12222 (in million U.S. dollars)*

It is considering lowering its prices on existing BlackBerry 7 devices to keep its current subscriber numbers up during the transition. On a conference call with analysts, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins was mostly upbeat but cautious about when carriers would start selling and when business customers would begin to adopt BlackBerry The company announced last month that its new BlackBerry 10 will finally debut on Jan.

Heins said Thursday that carriers across the world are testing BlackBerry 10, and 64 of the Fortune companies are trying out the new operating system. But hopes aren't high for the future of the platform. Click chart to view more information about RIM's stock. CNNMoney Sponsors.

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