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The battery life isn't bad, but I would recommend a mugen slim extended battery, as it extends battery life without changing the form factor of this slim device. I also purchased a casemate pop case to protect the outer finish and it also has a kickstand which is nice for watching netflix etc. If you experience any problems with app crashes, system hangups, freezing, etc on an HTC Trophy, return it right away.

HTC MWP6985 Device Specifications

This is likely a hardware issue linked to the memory. The first ebay HTC Trophy I purchased exhibited these characteristics, and I didn't find out the root of the problem till months later. I tried to crash it, get it to freeze, reset, etc for 72 hours straight when I got it, and never succeeded, so it is right as rain and since I used eBay, I am still well under the cost of a new retail phone.

Read full review. The HTC Trophy is one of my favorite windows 7 phones that has ever been released. The phone has around 13GB of actual internal storage which will be more than enough for your average user.

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The 5MP camera is actually pretty nice and the phone has a camera button which you really dont see anymore on your newer phones. I love the windows phone 7 experience and the tiles as well even though the marketplace is still lacking in applications. The phone has a nice weight to it and is not fingerprint prone or glossy which is a plus in my opinion. The phone rarely freezes on me and I think the operating system is very easy to adapt to.

The only con I can tell is the battery life. The phone comes with a MAH battery im guessing but no more than mah for sure and for a moderate to heavy us er i definitely have to bring an extra battery or my charger along with me in the same day. The avaialble apps for windows phone seven are still coming along as well so if your big on apps I would recommend going to IOS or Android as WP7 is still playing catch but has came a long way since its launch.

I'm trying to just review the phone and not the operating system and I really love this phone. This phone is global which is a plus for international users and comes with earphones if you buy it new. A great buy and a really nice, easy to use phone. It has a nice sized screen and a really good speaker for listening to music. I purchased this phone mostly due to the reviews I read and the price.

As a phone, it's a good phone.

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The call quality is very good. It doesn't drop calls in places my iPhone did. It does however have a horrid battery life. It has a plethora of apps available on the Marketplace but none of them are anything I would use. For example, most phones have a call blocking app, this one does not. Also, apps I used the most when I had my iPhone do not have a windows version. If you want a quality phone and care nothing for useful apps, this is a great buy. In addition, it runs Office programs and allows creating and editing, again without buying another expensive program.

The display is every bit as good if not better than the Super Amolid my HTC Incredible had and the phone is much more robust the Incredible broke the first time I dropped it and the Trophy has survived several falls thus far. So far, there isn't a single "App" I would need that I haven't been able to find so all the BS about not having any apps is just that.

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