Samsung unveils galaxy camera with android 4.1 jelly bean price

The Galaxy does not replace any pony in my stable, it's a fun camera to use. I registered here to leave a review and now it seams like there's no room for it If you need a device for bathroom mirror selfies and you want to share them easy on facebook and instagram, this might be ok for you. I have no idea how you have time to post a review about toys.

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And skip products that were most important in the past year, I mean Sony A7m2. I do not own the product so I am commenting on the basis of the review only. To me, it sounds like a totally crappy camera attached to a non-phone. To them, it will probably be a great product. It seems like with all those phones now given WiFi, this product has less appeal, especially as it doesn't do 4G, only WiFi?

Only having a wi-fi connection seriously hampers its use by the very segment of the market that has made smart camera phones de rigeur: the ability to INSTANTLY share images with friends. I have just bought this camera for the publicity people at my school because they wanted a fast video-to-web device. I tried for hours to find one which wasn't automatic and gimmicky, one or two claim to be better but, unfortunately, none are close to iMovie for iOS.

Like the comment about using a beer bottle for a telephoto, I am now trying out iPhone lens attachments and using iMovie to top and tail and add titles, then uploading to web at p. Your review is critical of the product and the Galaxy 2 Camera mediocre at best. This will only help them make better products.

If you read their scoring system, each camera is graded based on their own category. Connectivity score is way too high, lets be honest, the only people buying this will want to be uploading to the internet and to have to use wifi or your smartphone is such a huge inconvenience. Like some other reviewers have pointed out, this is an obsolete device from word go as there are the samsung zoom phones.

If Samsung puts couple of grands in you bank account, you will also rave about old Samsung cameras. Currently there is scandal about Nvidia company that paid reviewers to not to write about limitations of their graphics card GTX and use measurements that do not show flaws of these cards. Samsung has infinite money, they will easily corrupt reviewers. Apple does similar things. How one recognizes that there is something wrong with rewiews? If there is superior verdict about Samsung camera and in the forum thete are topics like nx1 i give up, wobbly samples, af disappointment, You guys are seriously behind the curve here.

The Galaxy K Zoom has been out some time, as a successor to the S4 Zoom, and gets no mention in the comparisons. No mention of then the reviewed camera was released etc. It is a better image quality and using while editing I imagine even Android 5. Samsung corrupted dpreview with money, because recent Samsung reviews results are biased in favor of Samsung. Androud 4. Also galaxy cam 2 is very old product, why to bother review such a crap? Too bad neither of them can zoom optically. Reader which quickly searches for info does not know that these are different classes and different percentages and can think that samsung crap camera is good as gm5.

This is manipulative. This review is paid by Samsung. Honestly, I am running Lollipop on several devices here and apart from the new design which admittedly is nice there is not an awful lot of difference to 4. So it does not give people the camera they want without having to carry an extra device. Still taking a Phone and this camera.

Galaxy Camera (3G)

So probably this one is staying at home or in the shop. The original GC had it but still you could not use it for calling. I used it to navigate with Google Maps and surf the web though, worked really well. Any why is that, we'd see a not only very old Galaxy Smartphone review ages later after release - but here onto the main DPR site? It's simply a review for connect dpreview, not the Main site here. Perhaps Lars Rehm was sleeping, or just Banana at this moment, no offence. Samsung, seriously - why releasing device that's obsolete on day one?

Wake up, Android 5. Seeing the IQ, I can't blame them. It took them only a year to get over the shock and finally press the "Publish" button. There's immense amount of noise and jpg artefacts even at base ISO. This second incarnation does not even have an option for GSM??? What is the point of producing this Most importantly, why would dPreview missuse their already strained resources on this piece of plastics? People complain that DPR give an award to every camera they review which btw is false , but when they do review a bad camera, people complain that they misuse their resources.

Seriously Samsung, why bother? Putting Android on a crap camera still leaves you with a crap camera. I'm not sure why the reviewer even compares it to smartphone cameras, as it's not a phone. You are correct, the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 press release is dated January 2nd No wonder it doesn't run Lollipop! I would like to see a Camera 3 with 1" sensor and less zoom range lower X. I am not interested in this model but the zoom lens on K zoom, however, I finally picked the iPhone 6 just because of the p fps super slow motion I believe it will sell much better than iPhone DP Review is missing many a trick these days, which is kind of sad to see.

Am I missing something here? Wasn't this camera released If it is, I bought it for my wife this past Christmas. Not a pro level camera, but great for what she needs. These aren't the droids i was looking for. I'm missing something here; why does the intro read like something from last year? The S4 Zoom is obsolete, replaced by the K Zoom.

I can't even find the GC2 here anymore! They should have crammed a 1" sensor in there and made it a fixed bright wide prime mm. Get an equally small Sony a that will destroy this droid's image quality and call it a day. Maybe the android aspects of this device will appeal to some people, but just looking at the camera specs, I can't help but think "why bother?

Dude, ratings aren't universal but are against its competitors. So this camera isn't rated compared to dslrs! Is it being reviewed as a connected camera? It has no LTE, and is inferior to nearly every other compact camera that has wifi which fulfils the same function.

Samsung Unveils Android-Based Galaxy Camera

Is it being reviewed as a Facebook camera, so is only evaluated for its ability to produce acceptable images at low resolution? That's a cop-out. How is that even its own category? In which case, why aren't there more examples of the possibilities involved?

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They may be a joke to pixel-peeping camera nerds, but they work perfectly adequately in my Canon SX50HS. Just because a sensor isn't APS-C or greater doesn't mean it's useless. Perhaps educate yourself by having a look at some of the galleries that contain pics taken by cameras with these "joke" sensors before commenting? APSC is a bigger sensor than that in the Panasonic. Having picture in some gallery means only that its picture in gallery, it doesnt say anything about image quality, or lack of it..

You can shoot pictures with pinhole camera, doesnt mean its best way to do it or that it produces some image quality. Same goes with cellphones or these point-n-shoot abominations which outlived themselves, cause they shoot pretty much like any cellphone, probably minus zoom. My comments are not a personal attack on you but stating that I feel camera and cell phone makers need to make options for larger sensors for those that need them.

If your Canon works for you then great but don't tell me I need to educate myself by looking at the galleries, I've looked at plenty of small sensor cameras images and none compare to a larger sensors Surprise, surprise. Pathetic image quality.

Why bother reviewing cameras with pin-head sized sensors. I thought DPR stopped this awhile ago. There are many good cameras that need a review. Please put the effort into that. It's android. They make it a point to review products that aren't ordinary models. Amazon sells all cameras, don't they?

Even the ones that don't get reviews at DPR. Why would Amazon single out this specific model for a review? You could however easily transfer from the GC2 to your phone using Bluetooth or some with that uses Wi-Fi direct. Ur not professional! Ur so Canikon biased!! Y u do this? Will it talk to my laptop via my WiFi router I ask this because my current pocket zoom with WiFi only talks to cell phones.

I suppose uploading 29 minute HDp videos through a hotspot will still be a little unpractical - too much time needed, and the battery will loose its capacity. As long as both devices are on Wi-Fi this works nicely, I do it all the time. If i cant call with it, i still need to carry two devices. Then i will choose a totally different camera.

Make it a phone and i will buy! Just don't forget that the Note4 has unnecessarily strong noise reduction and subsequent sharpening at low ISO's. You can also play games, surf the Web and do almost anything else you would do with a smartphone except make phone calls.

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Cho said one of the "pain points" for the average camera is the inability to manage photos inside the device. To that end, the Galaxy Camera allows the user to create folders and tag faces. You can also search through photos saved on the device by time, location, name, or face. Over time, the device will also learn certain faces for easier tagging and crafting composite shots.

Photos will also be saved to the cloud, Cho said, while the Galaxy Camera can connect wirelessly to other Galaxy cameras or smartphones for easy photo sharing. For more from Chloe, follow her on Twitter ChloeAlbanesius. Before joining PCMag. It's still powered by a 1. Source: Samsung. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. No thanks. Latest in Digital Cameras. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 folds for transport.

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