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BlackBerry Compass for blackberry 10

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Free Compass RIM BlackBerry Bold (9700) Java Apps

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Teen T. Even though Google owns Waze now, the two apps are completely different. While Maps is great for looking up what's around you, Waze is focused on getting you places. Waze game-ifys driving by giving users points for driving and reporting things like police, traffic and hazards on the road. You'll also see icons of other Waze users around you. Traffic alerts are the best part about Waze as they're often more timely and relevant than traditional mapping services.

Google Maps now integrates Waze traffic alerts so the two should offer the same near real-time traffice alerts. Designed for the car. Using Waze is a pleasure. Its large buttons make finding its features super easy. Everything about the interface is just a bit bigger than your normal app to make it easy to glance information while you're driving.

Astro file manager for blackberry

To keep you from being distracted, Waze lets you wave at your phone to active its reporting feature. After activating the reporting feature, you can use voice commands to report what you see on the road. If the waving feature is buggy for you, there's an option to use a three finger tap anywhere on the screen to activate the reporting menu. You can also look up points of interest and gas stations directly inside Waze. The app works more like your traditional portable navigation device and focuses on turn-by-turn navigation.

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The app to get you places. If you want a navigation app that focuses on driving, it's hard to beat Waze.

Google Maps is still great but the driver focus of Waze is tough to beat. You don't need to join the social network to get the best out of the app. Simply enter your destination and drive. Dreaming of an ad-free web?