Blackberry touch bold 9900 review

I went there. From currency symbols to exclamation points, the keyboard and keyboard layout on the BlackBerry is the best in the business.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 review

Even the backlighting on the keyboard is nothing short of glowing. In fact, sources close to me have touted the fact that RIM has been able to strip bloated code from the OS in various places, undoing years of bandaging and complexity — and it does show. Coupled with a reasonably fast 1. With that said, the app game on BlackBerry devices is nothing short of a joke.

App World is a joke.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 review

Third-party applications are a joke. User interfaces are a joke. This is a phone still primarily based on what corporate users of the past once wanted: the best email device in the world coupled with pretty solid personal information management like contacts, calendar, tasks and more. Photo and video manipulation still feels like a struggle on the BlackBerry Bold , even with a 1. Scrolling is faster than on any other BlackBerry smartphone, though there are still random slow-downs and hiccups, something hopefully fixed when the company finally transitions to its QNX-based OS in upcoming devices next year.

Voice calling on the Bold was a pretty solid experience. It's a marriage of high-quality plastic and stainless steel curves that results in a sleek and svelte premium handset. It's just as wide as the original BlackBerry Bold , which results in a larger display and roomier keyboard, and the 2. You can read more about its design in our review of the Bold These include a new Liquid Graphics technology that the company says improves graphics and the responsiveness of the touch screen, a speedier Web browser with HTML 5 video support, augmented-reality apps, p HD video, voice-activated universal search, and NFC support.

Many of the Bold 's features are the same as the 's, so we'll focus on a few software differences in this review.

We review the BlackBerry Bold , the first smartphone to run BlackBerry 7

We didn't notice too many differences between the T-Mobile browser and the default BlackBerry one--both loaded pages quickly and efficiently. There are a few menu option differences, but they're essentially the same. Call quality was good, but not without its flaws.

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On our end, we heard our callers loud and clear, with no audible background noise. Voice quality was a little bit distorted, however. Callers could hear us clearly as well, but they reported a similar voice quality issue. They said we occasionally sounded a little crackly, as if we had a terrible sore throat. It was intermittent enough that it didn't bother us that much, but it was certainly noticeable. Speakerphone calls were quite good.

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Callers did report more of an echo effect, but that's not unusual. Samsung's flagship phone for spring could be dominated by its flagship phone for late Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. What the slightly bigger than the Bold 2 and Bold 3 form factor does is allow for a very comfortable keypad. Not that the Bold 2 or Bold 3 keypads were any uncomfortable, but this one just feels that much better. The display and the keypad take up equal space on the front panel.

The brushed metal frame adds a classy touch to the entire package. Despite having a very sleek form factor, the Bold 4 still feels on the heavier side, weighing about grams.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Summary

However, this has happened, maybe because RIM had to prove a point. Or maybe because they realized that its now or never to catch up in the hardware race and the OS wars.

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The 2. The 5MP camera will record p HD videos. Minor icon changes and a few theme modifications, but the essential layout and design remain the same.

User experience

Not that it is a bad thing, but what was needed was a bigger overhaul of the UI. In the sunlight however, this does hold us in good stead.

Blackberry Bold 4 Touch 9900 , Unboxing and quick Hands on -

The wide form factor makes for a well spaced out keypad. Add the touch capabilities to it, and the all-rounder is pretty much set. However, let us point out that the touch capabilities can only be utilized to a certain extent. This feature comes in most handy when you are flicking through the applications, web pages or the Facebook and Twitter timelines.