Iphone 5s volume up button stuck

It's on the top-right side of your iPhone's case. Release the Power button. Do so only when you see the "Slide to Power Off" option appear. Press and hold the Home button. This action will calibrate the Home button and potentially restore its responsiveness. Take your iPhone into an Apple store. Before trying any of the basic fixes listed here and potentially voiding your warranty , take the phone into an Apple store to have their trained technicians look into fixing it.

If there isn't an Apple store near you, try contacting Apple. The fix will likely be free if your phone is still under warranty or if you have Apple Care. Use compressed air. Take a can of compressed air and blast the connection port at the bottom of the phone. Oftentimes this will clear out some of the gunk that may be causing the button to stick down. Use isopropyl alcohol. Drop a small amount of isopropyl alcohol onto the tip of a cotton swab.

Press in the Home button as far as it goes and rub the alcohol around the edges.

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Press the button several times to work the alcohol into the cracks. This can help clean grime out that may be causing the button to stick. Using too much alcohol can cause water damage to your phone. Only perform this fix if your phone is no longer under warranty. If it is under warranty, attempt to have it repaired by Apple first. Twist and spin.

Place your iPhone on a flat surface.

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Press and hold the Home button firmly down, and then rotate your phone clockwise while continuing to firmly press the button. This may help reset the button. This step won't work for phones that use haptics instead of a hardware button e. What do I do if my home screen goes black and my home button is stuck? If you're using an iPhone 7, this has probably happened because the iPhone shut down--since the iPhone 7 doesn't use a traditional "button" but rather a piece of material that simulates Home button clicks, the iPhone 7's Home button ceases to allow you to "click" it when it turns off.

In any event, try plugging your phone into a charger and wait for it to turn back on, then test the button again. Yes No. Not Helpful 9 Helpful What do I do if none of these options fixes my stuck iPhone home button? Take the phone to your nearest Apple retail store or authorized repairer. They will have some other options you can try.

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  • However, the suggestions provided in this article will allow you to use it until you can get the phone into repair. Not Helpful 29 Helpful If you enable the AssistiveTouch button, it will place on-screen options for any physical buttons on your iPhone. Not Helpful 9 Helpful 5. The processes for enabling the AssistiveTouch Home button and for fixing the Home button are the same for an iPad as they are for an iPhone or an iPod touch. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 3. How do I fix my iPhone button that is depressed more than normal, but still works?

    Use one of the techniques above. Rubbing alcohol or compressed air should work fine. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 3. If your iPhone is still under warranty and the Home button was broken under reasonable circumstances e.

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    Not Helpful 5 Helpful 2. Hold down the button on top to completely shut off the iPod or device, then turn it back on by holding the button down. Once you do this, slide to unlock, and you should be able to navigate to any app you need. It's a common problem, and even Apple has admitted it. One major issue with a stuck iPhone power button is that the user is unable to turn off or lock his device. Connect the iPhone stuck in recovery mode to the computer with a USB cable. When faced with endless reboot cycles, there are several iPhone boot loop fixes that you can try. Your Phone Number required.

    Hi i have an iPhone 4s and both volume buttons are stuck on it. That our iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X readers are reporting serious sound problems to us via email or comment. Today, we have prepared a good information on how to fix iPhone stuck volume button, broken volume button, jammed volume button, or volume button not working issue.

    Update iTunes to the Latest Version. Ways of Fixing iPhone Volume Control. Over time, the cable wears down and causes the actual power button to become harder and harder to press. The iPhone 7 is the first model to include a non-moving home button that relies on the Taptic Engine inside your device to stimulate That's all for how to fix iPhone stuck in boot loop. If you cannot adjust your iPhone 4S's volume at will, stop in today to get repaired by our team of dedicated professionals! Press and release the volume down button. If you rely on your iPhone for business, having it partially work is hardly acceptable.

    For certain models this is a common issue. July 21, at PM Bar to have the phone looked over, just in case the issue can be fixed under warranty! To fix it, do as the following methods one by one. It takes you several minutes to get iPhone stuck on update out of frozen on Apple logo or progress bar without data loss. Some times volume indicator disappears. How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop If your iPhone keeps restarting, it can be categorized as either an iPhone that restarts intermittently or is stuck in a restart or reboot loop.

    However, please be aware that putting iPhone into recovery mode to fix your iPhone will erase all data from your device.

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    If the iPhone is a model is iPhone 7 or newer, then you restart it by holding down the Volume Down and Power button at the It was working fine an hour ago then I set it down and out of nowhere it's just stuck. Restart your iPhone. Read on and be familiar with 8 different ways to fix the volume button stuck on iPhone 6 and other devices. Unscrew and move the volume button bracket. Again, if you need to fix a ring button that won't go silent, check these instructions first. I tried pushing it but it doesn't help. I never opened and iPhone before , but it was an easy fix. When iPhone is stuck in boot loop after restoring iPhone or updating iOS using iTunes, the problem can be the result of an older version of iTunes.

    The process to put iPhone in DFU mode on iPhone 7 is slightly different with other iPhone devices, as iPhone 7 does not have the physical Home button, but the Volume Down button can replace it. Hard Reset iPhone.

    • Put your device in recovery mode and set it up again.
    • Tip 1: Clean Volume Button.
    • Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working.
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    • Iphone 4s volume button stuck fix.
    • I have torn up 2 iPhones in my past. Below we will offer you some methods to fix the issue on iPhone volume button stuck. As iPhone repairs go, it is actually fairly straightforward.

      Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working

      If your iPhone home button is not working in most cases you just need to calibrate it and here is how you can get it done. The lock button ends up getting jammed and stuck due to dirt being clogged inside. Lastly, start pressing the 'Power' button until Apple logo comes into sight. This time, the problem is no sound on iPhone. How to fix an iPhone 8 that is stuck on the Apple logo, infinite bootloop [Troubleshooting Guide] by Grace on August 10, The main reason why your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo or infinite bootloop is because something went wrong during its startup routine.

      The problem could be from internal software or apps installed on your device which result to issues like low speaker volume. It is guaranteed to fix all internal issues related to power and volume buttons like stuck and hard-to-press buttons. For instance, if you have a problem with volume controls, you can try fixing it yourself by following the tips listed below.

      If the issue still persists then move on to the next method and learn how to install iOS on your iPhone.

      How to Control your iPhone Volume if a Volume or Mute Button Breaks

      In the spirit of helping you out, we are going to address a few of these problems and also provided you with an easy fix for each. Here are some easy solutions that can definitely solve your problem with headphones mode issue. However, if unluckily rebooting cannot fix your iPhone frozen on Apple screen issue, you can move on to other effective methods in the following part.

      That is, if I turn the volume back up, it doesn't necessarily go mute instantly but after a short while. It's the fastest and easiest method for fixing your Home button, though, it won't work for everyone. Fix iPhone stuck on update bar. If your iPhone sound is also not working, you are at the right place and scrolling down would be the best option for you. Force restart an iPhone 8 or above: Press and release the volume up button. Your Message. Remove the two 3. The 4s is very easy to get into. At iRepair we offer fast, reliable and professional iPhone 4s volume button repair, call If it can detect your iPhone in recovery mode, and the "Exit Recovery Mode" is highlighted, just click on it and wait for a few seconds.

      Once you've gotten the battery pulled out of the iPhone 4S we can move on. Once you force your iPhone into Recovery Mode, iTunes will provide you with the option to erase everything on your device and reinstall the iOS software on your Try the following steps in order from easiest to most complex to fix an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. However, what if the Volume button is stuck, or holding the Volume Up button does not work? In this case, I am afraid that you have to restore your iPhone in iTunes for free.

      iPhone 7 Plus Volume Down Button Stuck Defect from Manufacturing - Can't Reset iPhone 7 Plus

      We hope now you have fixed iPhone stuck in boot loop issue. The down volume button on my iPhone got jammed in and so I can't hear my phone when it rings and the volume icon is constantly up on my phone. In the latter category, time and again, there is an appearance and disappearance of the Apple logo on the screen and therefore, the phone is totally unusable. It will also teach you how to fix some common problems, although your best course of action is to take your iPhone into an Apple store before attempting to fix the Home button yourself.

      Fix 1: Calibrate Your iPhone. Release the Side button, but keep holding volume down for about 5 seconds. In some cases, it How to fix volume button stuck, broken, jammed, or not working issue. As it turns out, the iPhone 4S isn't immune from stuck power buttons either. Check the detected iPhone information clearly.

      The phone, being a 4s is pretty old, so the warranty is long gone which rules out getting it replaced or repaired. Follow our guide to fix the low call Volume on iPhone 7 Plus or 7 issue. After the repair I'm seeing that my buttons are loose and again I have to press the buttons hard. Press and hold the side button. Subsequently press the 'Volume Down' button and release it. We have fixed the sound problem on our iPhone 4s with this amazing method.

      Techyuga provides high-quality Volume Button Repair service at a very nominal cost. This button lets the user turn off and lock his iPhone even if the The lower volume button on my iPhone 4S is no longing working and appears to be 'stuck' as I can no longer press it down. This will let you control the volume using the touch screen. I can't press it at all. Is it fixable or do I need to exchange it, I'm very upset that it has problems in only a week.

      Then you can see right where the volume buttons are. Your iPhone 4 rear cover may have either two Phillips screws or Apple's 5-Point "Pentalobe" screws second image. By the way, if you mistakenly deleted data on your iPhone, PhoneRescue — iOS data recovery could also lend you a favor.

      Is there any way that I could fix this without getting a new phone? You know that every device may act oddly sometimes, and a restart can fix various issues. Lift the cable cover from its edge nearest the top and remove it from the iPhone. Yes, you are reading it right. Clean the Volume Control Buttons. Here's how to fix a broken iPhone lock button. This is a very common problem that a lot of users have experienced with the iPhone 5c, and getting the support needed in order to fix it isn't as much of a problem with this device as compared to others.

      Part 1: Use AssistiveTouch as Power Button alternative

      But today, I uncovered what I believe to be a common issue with the iPhone 4 4S - the stuck or sticking power button. This adjusts the keypad volume as well as the ringer, text alerts and all other sounds on the iPhone. This is suitable if you feel like the buttons are stuck or feel mushy. Replace a broken headphone jack cable that contains the upper microphone as well as the electronic portions of the volume buttons and silent switch on your iPhone 4S. There is a fix for a mute button that's stuck on mute.

      Some iPhone problems are not serious and can be fixed at home. Your Email required. Here I guide where the problem is and how to minimize it using best possible solutions.