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It is important to separate good apps from the harmful ones and to stimulate the development of high quality apps. It is important to regulate the development of health apps internationally, because apps are available in multiple national app stores. Therefore, setting up an international institute to regulate the development of health apps or certifying health apps may be necessary. HON assesses the quality of health information online and provides certification to websites with reliable health information [ 46 ].

A major strength of this study is that we searched the 2 main app stores systematically using 15 search terms in English and Dutch and included both paid and free apps. This resulted in a large number of apps that were first screened on titles and descriptions in the app stores. All apps identified through this process were assessed by 2 independent reviewers. In addition, we assessed the quality of the apps objectively using MARS [ 29 ], which has previously been used to evaluate app quality in several app reviews [ 35 , 47 , 48 ].

This review was limited to Dutch app stores, and we included apps in English or Dutch only. It is possible that other national app stores may contain a larger, smaller, or different assortment of apps. Although it is not feasible to search all national app stores from a single country, most apps are released worldwide and are not country-specific.

Blood pressure, heart rate and sleep: The best iPhone and Apple Watch health devices

Furthermore, we limited our search to the major app platforms Android and iOS. In addition, we excluded apps that need a prescription by a health care provider or permission for use from the developer. Therefore, we may have missed potentially eligible apps, but these are not generally available to the target population. Another limitation was the compatibility of apps.

As a large variety of mobile phones with several software versions are available in the markets, some apps may not have been compatible with the devices used in this study. However, it is not feasible to assess all apps using a large spectrum of mobile phones. We used the most recent software versions to ensure the maximum stability and safety.

Mobile apps may be a useful tool for self-management for patients with hypertension. In addition, mobile apps could be used to provide information to patients and increase awareness about blood pressure—related health issues among patients. Also, many mobile apps can export blood pressure data, which could be used by health care providers to make more informed decisions regarding treatment [ 50 , 51 ]. Furthermore, patients will be more involved in their own treatment through the use of high-quality, dedicated mobile apps. Therefore, health care providers should stimulate the use of mobile apps by patients with hypertension.

In that case, however, they have to be sure that the apps used by their patients do not contain any misleading or harmful information. App reviews could be a suitable instrument to separate the useful apps from the harmful ones. Nevertheless, a practical guideline for app reviews is not available. Therefore, it is crucial to develop an international guideline for performing app reviews. This study provides a list of the top 5 useable apps targeting blood pressure monitoring available on the 2 major mobile phone platforms. Health care providers and patients with hypertension can use the results presented in this study to identify a suitable high-quality app targeting blood pressure monitoring, provided that blood pressure measurements are valid.

In this review, we identified only a few apps with sufficient quality for blood pressure self-management purposes. The use of these sufficient quality apps should be stimulated to improve patient care. However, the majority of the apps targeting blood pressure monitoring were of poor quality, and the accuracy of the blood pressure measurements registered in the apps was not assessed. It is important to involve medical experts in the developmental stage of health-related mobile apps to improve the quality of these apps. Conflicts of Interest: None declared. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Published online Nov Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Corresponding Author: Hussein Jamaladin ln. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Using a mobile app for self-management could make it easier for patients to get insight into their blood pressure patterns. Objective The goal of the research was to determine the availability, functionality, and quality of mobile apps that could be used for blood pressure monitoring purposes.

Methods A systematic app search was performed based on the standards for systematic reviews. Results A total of apps Android, 80 iOS met the inclusion criteria. Conclusions This study provides an overview of the best apps currently available in the app stores and important key features for self-management that can be used by health care providers and patients with hypertension to identify a suitable app targeting blood pressure monitoring. Keywords: mobile phone, mHealth, app review, high blood pressure, self-management, mobile app.

Introduction Hypertension contributes to the burden of various diseases including heart disease [ 1 ] and leads to premature mortality and morbidity [ 2 ]. Methods App Search and Selection We performed a systematic app search based on the standards for systematic reviews. App Quality Rating The quality of the apps was evaluated using a standard assessment protocol based on the Mobile App Rating Scale MARS [ 29 ], a questionnaire that measures app quality using 23 questions divided into 4 objective categories engagement, functionality, aesthetics, and information quality and 1 subjective category.

Statistical Analysis We calculated the scores of the MARS separately per assessor and averaged the scores at total level. Results App Selection A total of apps were identified using the search terms. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. App Characteristics The app characteristics are summarized in Table 1. Table 1 Summary of characteristics of included apps, stratified by platform. Table 2 Mobile App Rating Scale scores.

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Table 3 Quality scores comparison of apps with and without a specific characteristic. Discussion Principal Findings In this study, we observed a lower MARS overall score compared to other reviews focusing on apps for other self-management aspects [ 33 - 35 ]. Strengths and Limitations A major strength of this study is that we searched the 2 main app stores systematically using 15 search terms in English and Dutch and included both paid and free apps.

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  8. Perspectives Mobile apps may be a useful tool for self-management for patients with hypertension. Conclusion In this review, we identified only a few apps with sufficient quality for blood pressure self-management purposes. Click here to view.

    List of Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitor Apps for iPhone

    Footnotes Conflicts of Interest: None declared. References 1. Johansson BB. Hypertension mechanisms causing stroke. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. World Health Organization A global brief on hypertension. Silent killer, global public health crisis. World Health Organization Raised blood pressure: situation and trends. Blood pressure, stroke, and coronary heart disease. Part 2, short-term reductions in blood pressure: overview of randomised drug trials in their epidemiological context. Elevated midlife blood pressure increases stroke risk in elderly persons: the Framingham Study.

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    J Hypertens. Diet plays a major role in heart health. Eat these 15 heart-healthy foods to keep your heart in top condition. Researchers say people who skip breakfast have a significantly higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Researchers say regular exercise between the ages of 45 and 64 can reduce your risk of heart-related ailments. Discover 10 heart-healthy…. Exercise is key to preventing heart disease. Statistics show a link between exercise and reduced risk of heart disease. Exercising regularly has many benefits for your body and brain.

    This article explores the top 10 benefits of regular exercise, all based on science. Better gut health could be key to preventing cardiovascular events. Learn the definition, symptoms, and causes of CAD by reading our…. A study in showed a connection between an ear crease and heart disease.

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    Find out if a small mark on your ear could have anything to do with heart…. It sticks to the basics, so…. Instant Heart Rate. PulsePoint Respond. Blood Pressure Monitor. This app is designed for you. How your blood pressure differs on two different arms? Let us know what you need to correlate! Data visualization — a chart is worth a thousand words.

    The graphical charts not only give you a visual trend of the vital signs, but also show warning signs BP only.

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    Note: this app does not drive any medical measurement device. All inputs have to be entered.

    iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

    Fixed reminder notification feature. Various enhancements and bug fixes. I saw the difference. At first I did three times a day daily and then two and then one.


    The graph made it easy to visually see what was going on. On my follow up Dr visit I was able to print off a months report. Both the nurse and Dr liked the report. They asked if they could keep and add to my file. I further used when my wife developed AFIB. Needed to track her stats. So I set up a second profile after purchasing the upgraded edition.

    I Brought the report on her follow up visit and it aided the Dr to try an additional med. I am extremely pleased with the app. If it would be possible to choose wether or not to have a background color on the graph. Just a plain black graph with white background OR no background would save a tremendous amount of ink.

    This app should be removed.