Battery usage iphone 4s app

Only a doctor can let you find out what ails the battery of your iPhone and what should be done to fix it. Take a look at the total runtimes of the battery. It also provides hardware tests for your device. For example, you can get to know the functionality of the 3D Touch, GPS, flashlight, volume button and more.

5 ways to fix iPhone 4s battery drain

With this app, you can quickly find out how much juice is left for your Internet browsing, talk time, video watching, music listening, etc. This battery saver iOS app features a clean interface that allows you to quickly access the important data.

Keep an eye on the daily system status to ensure the battery consumption on your iPhone is as per your expectation. Take a glance at the entire battery usage list and find out the ways to cut down on the unnecessary battery usage. You can also view the battery level gauge and remaining battery charge in Percentage. You can closely monitor the battery usage on your device and get to know which activities are causing the battery drain.

The app also shows the total runtime for each activity like web browsing, video, talk time and more. You can find out the remaining disk space as well. More significantly, the app is available for Apple Watch as well so that you can check the battery status of your iPhone right from your smartwatch. The app provides some valuable tips that can be pivotal in extending the battery life of your device.

Besides, they can also be very helpful in charging your device securely.

Apple iPhone 4S

The in-depth battery data offers you the right insight about power usage and how to reduce it. You can take advantage of the useful tips to figure out the ways to prevent the power-hungry features from running amuck and cut down the unnecessary battery consumption.

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The battery saver app lets you keep track of the remaining time for several things like audio playback, using the Internet and more. Furthermore, it also lets you find out important information like App CPU usage, RAM memory, model, and graphics so that you remain updated about the system status. The iBattery keeps you posted with the accurate battery information of your iOS device. With just a glance, you can access all the essential standby information. Apart from playing a vital role in extending the battery life of your iPhone, it also shows important info about your device.

For instance, you can check out the total memory and even the used and inactive memory. Now, take the full advantage of these apps to perfectly manage the battery life of your iPhone. If there is any app we have missed to include in this list, do let us know that in the comments below. Reviews Apps. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: March 27, pm. Your weather app won't know where you are for the latest forecast, and you won't be able to ask Google to produce driving directions based on your current location.

As such, Apple provides the option to customize how most apps use location data: Never, While Using the App, or Always. Select "While Using the App" for Google Maps, for example, and the app will only ping your location when you open it. It won't continue pinging your location in the background, draining battery.

For iOS 11.3 & Up Users, Look In the Settings

When you close an iOS app, it will keep running for a bit until entering a suspended state. With Background App Refresh, however, those suspended apps can still check for updates and new content—a process that can drain battery life. You can disable Background App Refresh completely or just for certain apps. To disable on an app-by-app basis, return to the previous menu and find refresh-heavy apps, like email or social networking platforms.

Toggle them off. This shouldn't have any effect on how the app works, but might take a moment longer to surface new information when you return to them. Having email on your phone can be super convenient and data fetches mean your inbox is always displaying the most recent messages. But you can customize how these fetches occur so the phone isn't draining its battery by constantly searching for new messages or calendar items.

Here, you can deactivate Push data entirely or choose how often you want your iPhone to check for new content on the various apps that support it. If your screen lights up with a preview of every notification you receive, it's consuming power with each text, breaking news alert, or Twitter follow. Cutting down on these interruptions can save your battery and sanity. One option is to find a notification from an app you'd like to silence, swipe left, and select Manage. Here you can choose to have the alert delivered quietly, which means it will go to your Notification Center, but won't show up on the Lock screen, play sounds, or show a banner or badge icon.

Here, you can also turn off notifications for this app completely.

5 Ways To Fix IPhone 4s Battery Drain

Using Wi-Fi is a great way to cut down on the amount of data you use, but it doesn't do wonders for your battery. Your phone continuously searches for nearby Wi-Fi networks, which is why the list of available networks constantly changes when you're out and about. Just remember to turn it back on when you get home or to a location with steady Wi-Fi, lest you use up all your cellular data.

Similarly, Bluetooth and AirDrop are constantly looking to connect, but there's no reason for them to be active at all times. You can also turn AirDrop off from the Control Center. Swipe down from the top-right on iPhone X and above or from the bottom of the screen on older iPhones.

Press down slightly on the menu options on the top-left.

10 Ways to Save Battery Life on Your New iPhone 4S

Tap AirDrop in the menu that appears and choose Receiving Off. If you're in a real jam for power, put your device in Airplane Mode, which turns off all your phone's wireless features. Calls and texts won't come through, but you can still connect to Wi-Fi if necessary for iMessages and other tasks.

The easiest way to do this is to look for the airplane icon in the Control Panel and tap it. It's also accessible in Settings; just toggle it on.

Siri is supposed to function as your "digital assistant," so on iOS, she will make suggestions based on your activity. If you get coffee most days, for example, Siri may suggest your order around the time you normally place it. That's great, but she has to do some work in the background to make this happen, which—you guessed it—drains battery. Under Siri Suggestions, you can enable or disable them in search, in Look Up, and on the lock screen. Select iOS devices support hands-free Siri, meaning you can say "Hey, Siri" and ask a question without having to touch your iPhone. But that means the device is awaiting your command, so if you don't use Siri that much, turning off active listening could help with battery drain.

How to Save Battery on an iPhone 4S

It's always a good idea to keep your apps and operating systems up to date. Some updates can help your apps run faster and smoother, decreasing the processing power needed to make them function. Since iOS 7 , Apple has supported automatic app updates, meaning when an app update arrives, your phone will install it in the background so you're always up to date. That process can drain battery, though.