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On Android, you can purchase digital content either in the app, via Amazon's site in a browser, or from select TV devices. For iPhone, it's a little trickier since you can do the same except within the iOS app. Unfortunately, with Amazon, you can't download videos to a computer. You can download on your smartphone or tablet, but if you primarily watch on your PC or Mac, you will have to stream your purchased content. You also cannot use your previously purchased DVDs and Blu-Rays for discounted or free digital copies like you can with other services.

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Amazon does provide free content, however. The company usually provides a list of free TV episodes for you to download at your pleasure. These episodes are typically the first in the series, which means you won't miss a thing. When it comes to platform compatibility, Amazon is pretty universal. Amazon Prime Video does not officially support Chromecast, but Android users can still view the content by casting their phone's screen through the Google Home app while playing the video in the Amazon Prime Video app.

However, you can skirt all of these platform restrictions by connecting your Amazon library to Movies Anywhere. It's likely you use Amazon Prime for your shopping needs already, and if you do, you gain even more movie and TV options with its Prime Video service. Even if you don't subscribe to Prime, Amazon's media marketplace is an excellent spot for anyone looking to catch up on their shows or settle in for movie night. Vudu is Walmart's entry in the streaming and downloadable media space.

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While its ownership doesn't have the tech pedigree of companies like Amazon or Apple, Vudu was founded and created smack-dab in the middle of Silicon Valley before being purchased by the retailer in As a result of this mishmash upbringing, Vudu has quite a few unique features that set it apart from the other names on our list. It's tricky to figure out how many titles Vudu offers for purchasing.

At this time, the company has not responded to our request for numbers, but JustWatch points to 23, titles available. HD movies are typically labeled as "HDX," a proprietary codec which helps ensure that movies are seen at a full 24 frames per second with 5. However, HDX movies have the same actual resolution as their HD counterparts, and the benefits of HDX apply more to streaming content than downloaded content. Like Amazon, Vudu offers special deals, most notably bundles. While Vudu does support UHD, it does not offer this quality tier on smartphones.

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Users looking for a 4K movie experience on their phones will have to look elsewhere. You can buy UHD movies in the Android app, but you will not be able to watch in 4K unless you do so from a computer. On the other hand, iPhone users can't even buy movies in the app but need to do so in a web browser first or on another compatible device. Vudu also has a respectable TV catalog, albeit a bit small.

JustWatch has Vudu's library at 3, series , which is just over half of what Amazon offers. Unlike Amazon, you can't rent TV series, but you can rent movies. The prices don't quite go as low as they do on Amazon, but are still similar to other services. Purchased HD content can be downloaded in SD without paying any extra, should you decide you'd like to save some storage space.

Once you purchase a rental, you have 30 days to watch it. Once you hit play, you have 24 hours to watch before the movie disappears. Vudu has a leg-up on Amazon when it comes to downloading. Vudu offers PC downloads, so those who prefer to watch movies and TV on their computers have that option. However, you have to go through Vudu's player, rather than VLC or Quicktime, which can hamper your media freedom a bit; This also means you won't be able to add your Vudu movies to your Plex library unless you can figure out a way to strip the DRM.

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Another awesome Vudu feature is its partnership with UltraViolet. This program allows users to use their previously purchased DVDs and Blu-Rays to receive digital copies at substantial discounts. The disc-to-digital goodies don't stop there, either. Vudu offers package deals for some movies that allow you to buy a physical Blu-Ray, then enter a code to redeem a free copy of the digital version in full HD.

And with Walmart's InstaWatch program , when you buy eligible discs from Walmart's website using the same email address attached to your Vudu account, you'll instantly receive a free digital copy of the media in your Vudu account; This might be the cheapest way to buy digital content in HD, as Walmart has some great deals on Blu-Ray discs.

Unlike some of the other services on this list, Vudu has a minimal selection of free downloadable content. You'll mostly find short behind-the-scenes clips for some shows, but not many. Vudu is well known for offering free movies and TV with ads, but that service is restricted to streaming only. If you're looking for free media to download to your devices, you'll have to look elsewhere. Vudu excels when it comes to cross-platform availability. The app will work whether you have Android or iOS, however, as a result of Apple's restrictive policies, the iOS app is handicapped by its inability to make purchases.

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It's the only service on our list with official support for all five of the top TV platforms by market share. In many ways, Google Play can be thought of like the iTunes of the Android world. But at the time of writing, these features were only available on TVZion. No linking picking charade, no seeking around the player to find where you last watched, in fact, no need to go to your watch list.

It's all at your finger tips at TVZion home.

Account Options

It's all on your Android homepage as tiles. And you click on Continue watching, and it loads links, finds the best possible link by file size and just plays it. Also on TVZion home, you have several sections of content at a glance so that you can just endlessly scroll through content right on your TVZion home until you find something good. But obviously, no size fits all, so you can customize all of it. Everything is customizable from AutoPlay to what player you want to use. Your TVZion home consists of endless scroll lists. Love Sci-fi? It's there, love Documentaries?

It's there as well. Lists are endless, so you never have to leave the home :. TVZion automatically scrolls to the last episode when episode list is open. Continuous episode list, no need to select seasons. But of course, you can if you want to. Now TVZion reports bitrate, ping time, file size with every link whenever available to help you choose the best link. TVZion now detects exact resolution , bitrate for your links to help you chose the best possible link. Using our Debrid manager , Debrid cloud source , Magnet picker you will be able to stream any content that is available anywhere on the internet.

However, different devices have different procedures for installation, you want to check installtion processes on Youtube if you don't know how to install APKs on your device. No permissions are required to use the app. However, if you choose to download stuff, or do automated updates, TVZion requireds temporary storage permission, which can be revoked after the job is done.

You can search subtitles by filename, imdb id, custom name. Netflix is a leading subscription service for watching movies and TV episodes.

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The movie app, Netflix introduced a lot of features and also starts to allow downloading movies with Netflix Android App. For Android users, even you can select to save the downloaded movies or TV shows to memory card to save Android memory. Android with 4. However, Netflix will not allow you to download all of those videos from their collection. These download features are allowed only for certain titles. You can see a download icon next to the movie or Tv episode title if those are allowed to download into your Android phone.

Here is the help link for those who have any difficulty in utilizing this feature. This App offers mainly Indian TV channels and shows along with movies. In addition to that, those coming in Star Network Channels will be available for streaming or downloading. Hotstar offers TV shows, movies, animation, music, news, entertainment , gaming , original comedy, and other massive videos. This app is compatible with the Android phone and the Tablet. This app allows to browse categories and channels, cast content to your TV using Chromecast , etc.

Downloads are enabled when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Devices running on operating systems 4. There is no need to pay additional money to download movies as long as you are happy with prime movies. However, you can purchase additional movies and download from Amazon if you want.

Amazon prime members from India can enjoy the Bollywood and regional Indian hits on Android phone or tablet. With this Android Movie app, you can watch the digital movie and TV collection , and those are always on your Android phone. This Flixster Video app, let you stream or download full-length movies or TV shows on your favorite Android devices. If you want to download YouTube movies and Videos legally, please check here. Many countries may restrict the apps to download movies to Android.

Please use these apps according to your country regulations and rules. This is a video downloader let you watch HD movies and videos from the Internet for free.

CyberFlix TV APK Download – Watch Movies and TV Series

This app lets you download movies from websites directly into Android device. Depends on your country, the downloading files may be prohibited. Please use this app at your own risk. We are not app publishers or owner of this app. FVD will now allow downloading YouTube. You can use this app to discover thousands of movies , preview and play them. The premium version of the app is coming with streaming capability of live sports and free of ads.

There is a dedicated Kids section with a lot of videos and TV shows for Kids. You can search your favorite movies from the large database of movies.