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I started with the free Bing Maps add-in. I have to confess something here: I cheated. It turned out that the Bing Maps add-in works with Excel on an iPad. However, like many applications that were designed for use with a mouse or touchpad, its user experience loses something in translation.

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And, here is where it is very useful to have a Microsoft account and use its OneDrive cloud storage. I had problems with the inserted overlapping the spreadsheet data and, seemingly, being able to move or delete the map object. This problem was resolved by closing the spreadsheet on the iPad Excel locks files stored in OneDrive , bringing up OneDrive in a desktop web browser and then working with the Bing Map object using the Excel Web app to move the map and select data from the spreadsheet.

Closing the Excel Web app and opening the spreadsheet on the iPad let me work with the add-in by, for example, tapping a named location on the map to display the underlying spreadsheet data. You can see in this screenshot that both the Bing Maps and Wikipedia add-ins are displayed and working at the same time in Excel on the iPad. And, tapping on one of the names of the western state capital city names in the spreadsheet taps into Wikipedia as you expect.

I found a couple of issues with the new Excel add-in feature. The first and biggest problem is that the Excel app crashed frequently during tasks such as installing and add-in or simply working with a spreadsheet. No data was lost because of the crashes. Microsoft Word or just simply Word first entered the fold in as a multi-word tool for the now defunct Xenix system. Since then it's held the dominant market share when it comes to office tools and is the most well-known amongst users.

The Word app is free to download but offers in-app purchase for any extras you may need.

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This is not a lightweight app: it weighs in at Within Word you can create, edit, view and share files with other users quickly and easily. You can read through PDF's but need to convert them into a Word document before being able to edit them. Word has many trusted features that let you edit and create documents with ease. While you may not always need them, it is good to know you have the choice.

The app has several templates that make writing resumes or cover letters much more convenient. While this is a very popular app there are some issues with stability, with some users noting that Word documents freeze up during use with work sometimes being unrecoverable. Pages is part of the iWork productivity suite and is developed by Apple.

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However, the suite can not be installed in one handy app but is divided up into three separate apps: Pages word processor , Numbers Spreadsheet software and Keynote presentation software. Each app is free to download and Pages itself weighs in at a mighty You can annotate and draw within documents using the Apple Pen. This is an easy to use tool that allows you to add drawings in several different ways besides the Apple Pen e. Pages also has its own Apple designed templates for letters, resumes and posters which are easy to use.

With the collaboration tool users can see exactly who is working on the document at the same time as them, can share the document publicly and can easily follow other users edits.

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It is also available on documents that are stored in iCloud. The general consensus amongst users is that the app should be more compatible with MS Office. Google Drive is a file storage service developed by Google. Users can store and share files in their drive as well as synchronize files across devices. It is free to download and offers in-app purchases. This means that documents stored on the drive can be viewed, edited and created.

Any changes will be saved to Google Drive. Users can edit the privacy settings for each file as they see fit. This is especially handy if you want to collaborate with other people. All files that you have saved to your drive, such as documents, spreadsheets and photos, will be backed up safely so you won't have to worry about losing them. There is a handy search feature where you can either search for files by content or name. Users are also able to see any recent activity on a file and can set sharing permissions to comments, edit or read-only.

SmartOffice claim to offer the most accurate representation of Microsoft Office products that can be seen on a mobile app.

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For this you are getting a full office suite unlike Microsoft Word which, at The app offers password protection so that you have extra security when saving any documents you have been working on. Users can edit and share Microsoft documents easily and efficiently. All files can be converted to a PDF if needed. Documents can be opened and saved online with access to the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. Wireless printing is also supported. It is compatible with all versions of Word since and supports over 35 different languages.

It is easy to use with a well-designed, attractive interface. Users have criticized the iPhone and iPad app for being slow to log in and hard to navigate through.

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Microsoft's Office Lens is a companion app to OneNote which allows users to scan whiteboards and documents with the intention of saving and making them readable. It is free to install and weighs in at 40 MB. This may not be a full productivity suite but it can be a very handy office tool. Lauren Miller has more than 10 years of experience as a writer and editor. Her articles on technology, small business and legal topics have appeared in magazines, newspapers and trade journals.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and is an avid gardener and sports fan. Skip to main content. Accessing Excel Sheets on Your Phone In order to view and edit Excel sheets you created on a computer, you must be able to access the files on your phone. About the Author Lauren Miller has more than 10 years of experience as a writer and editor. Accessed 18 August Miller, Lauren. Small Business - Chron.