Nokia lumia 720 not turning on

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Pls suggest what sholud i do..?? Which version are you using and is it your phone in warranty yet. If your phone is not in warranty then please update to Windows Phone 8. Hi, I tried your suggestion but my down volume key is not working, is there any other option? Pls help me out. No, there is no other solution to Unlock the screen.

Double tapping the screen is not yet released by the Microsoft. Hi im using Nokia lumia for simple reason v have unlock the key, do v have other options like double touch on the screen to open the lock. May be in next update for this feature will added to the OS. Thanks a ton..

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It would be great if you can also let us know any common reason behind this blackout. Thanks dude It works, but WTF even for a small mobile der is no such type of problems i bought dis lumia just a few months bak and now my mobile getting hanged every time wat am i asking is still how many times we hav to repeat dis!! Is der any permanent solution for dis???????????

There is no permanent solution. You can upgrade to Windows 10 but unfortunately Windows 10 is not available for your device officially. You can try using Windows Insider. My Volume minimize button is not working.

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  4. Is there any other way to restart my phone in this case. I want to restart my device but all the buttons are not working so can I restart through pc? I have tried to hard reset the lumia device by long pressing the power button and the volume button simultaneously. But the screen still remains frozen.

    Can anybody please suggest any other alternative? Thanks in advance! I am a surgeon and must remain connected. My phone hanged and repair shop fellow scared me. I came across on the net your idea and it worked. Am delighted. Thanks very much for the tip. Your solution has worked first time round. Weird that my phone blacked out on me today, I have had the phone for 15 months with no problems. My Nokia Lumia was freezed. It was switched off with a great difficulty after 4 hours..

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    Have tried alot of times.. What can be done? Your reset procedure is not working in my lumia model…Please show some other solution for this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your model is not so old it must work. Try again as you may be missing any step or not pressing any key properly. My lumia suddenly started vibrating continuously and hanged. It may take few minutes. Nothing else. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow the steps as:. An awesome phone for an average user. First i would like to mention that with this phone i am using Wp8 for the first time i was an android user before. Things to like:- 1. Build quality:- as Nokia is known for its build quality,this phone is no exception at all. Camera:- phone has a remarkably great 6. Battery life:- phone's battery is mah and even if u use it all day, for whats app,for internet browsing,for playing music etc. Processor and RAM:- Phone have 1ghz dual core processor which is sufficient enough for a wp8 cos windows phone Eco system is different from android.

    My user experience:- I am using this phone since last 6 months and i haven't find any serious issue like lagging, hanging,etc. Is this review helpful? I bought this phone last year and have been using this phone since last one year. I love the windows interface and the ecosystem and would love to say that it is much better than android, which i had used earlier.

    Pros : - Excellent Camera. Cons : - Transferring data is difficult. Lumia - Good package with a suitable price tag.

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    The once downtrodden Nokia has recently started gaining pace in the world of smartphones after its release of the lumia which did not sell much but it was a good step to start with windows phone 8 operating system followed by lumia , lumia , and so on and so forth. It also boasts of its sleek Fabula Unibody design, smooth curves, 9 mm slim contours , eye - popping colours, multiple textures, 4.

    While the user is disappointed with Nokia's decision to ship with half the RAM of what many cheaper Android phones are shipping with, we hope developers of games such as Temple Run can optimise their apps not to be so resource hungry. Perhaps that is an issue for Microsoft to address as well, as devices with much lesser RAM are able to run these games fine on other platforms. There is no compromise in the built quality for which Nokia is well known. This device comes preloaded with lots of apps which cannot be considered as useless bloatware since it can be used well as a daily utility like Here Maps, Here Drive, Nokia Smart camera, Bigflix, Flipkart e - books etc.

    The Lumia comes with a 6.

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    The camera takes good photos outdoors when there's plenty of light. The colours look natural and don't appear saturated or artificial in any way. However, pictures clicked under bright artificial lights appear a little washed out. Call quality on the Lumia is rock solid, like most other Nokia phones. We are no fans of having loudspeaker on the back of the phone, since the sound gets muffled when the phone is lying face up, and, sadly, the suffers on that part.

    The loudspeaker output is otherwise quite good. At Rs. The phone checks all the right boxes, from great looks, to a camera that performs quite well, and hardware that handles pretty much everything you throw its way. Yes, Windows Phone still has a long way to go before it can begin to compete with Android and iOS, but unless you are someone who must have access to the latest apps, it will do the job for you. More than nice.

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    Lumia is a good phone and you can buy it if you are brand concious. It sports a squarish design which looks and feels very good. It comes with a 4. While that doesn't sound impressive, the real life experience is quite good. You can operate it while wearing gloves which is very nice. Viewing angles and outdoors visibility is good. The Nokia Lumia comes with a 6. The camera works good in outdoor but performs average in low light.

    It comes with a no. You can make GIFs, take Panorama pics, and add many more effects to your pic. The Lumia is capable of recording only p video, which may disappoint the spec crazy, but is unlikely to be missed by most. The 1.

    Battery Life

    Like most front cameras, it does a good job for video chats, and still photography in well-lit conditions, but leaves a lot to be desired in dim lights. The Nokia Lumia ,as you all know, runs on Windows 8 phone.