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Customisation extends beyond songs to an online avatar.

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Coins earned from completed games can be spent on new clothes, shoes, and accessories. You're even able to level up your character via experience points earned from finishing songs.

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Building out a virtual character brings depth to the experience, and feeds into the competitive element fully realised by online play. Full network multiplayer lets you square off against other players, aiming for the highest score while launching attacks with special items. It's totally fun. There's also a competitive offline two-player mode available that can be played on one handset. A maze of menus makes sifting through all of these options and modes daunting.

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This is not exactly a user-friendly game. Menus clog the screen, preventing you from just jumping right into play. Too many visual elements confuse navigation. Even during gameplay, individual artist skins and the addition of an accuracy gauge unnecessarily complicate. In layering so many great features - competitive online play, customisable avatar, downloadable songs packs - Tap Tap Revenge 3 sacrifices accessibility. Too much time is spent fiddling with menus and not enough on enjoying music and competing online.

Tap Tap Revenge 3. Tap Tap Revenge 3 will be selling songs for 50 cents each and will also distribute free tracks from indie artists.

Katy Perry version of Tap Tap Revenge now available for iPhone

Each paid track will also come with its own theme to match the artist's music. As for overall gameplay, not much has changed, but in social mode you can play online against friends. Playing in social mode you can grab goodies such as bombs and other weapons to mess with your opponent. You can also create your own profile and participate in a chat room. Have a favorite artist whose music you'd like to see in the game?

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Make a suggestion in the comments section below, and just maybe your wish will come true. See more screenshots below the jump.

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Update: As of Wednesday Oct. Product Document [pdf]. App Store apple Games iPhone Music phones toys.

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